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Published on April 15th, 2014 | by Gerald Harris

20 FoodHacks That Will Make You Question The Way You Eat

1. Use a straw to remove the leaves off strawberries.

2. Bacon Pancakes

3. The easy way to fill a taco.

5. E-Z Chopsticks

6. Cupcake liners, also good for having a no-drip popsicle.

7. Keep bugs out of your drinks with a cupcake liner.

8. Cut potatoes with an apple corer, for easy wedges.

9. Use melted chocolate and an inflated balloon for an artsy chocolate bowl.

10. Food hackin’ corn


11.The Hot Banana Split

12. A different way to open an orange


13. The budget Big-Mac

14.Easily remove those nasty egg shells from your eggs.

15. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls.

16. S’more dip

17. Fancy flower lemon slices

18. Oreo snack hack

19. Easy cheesy bread sticks

20. Baked string cheese bites

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